Come join the ISHA High Point Program! This program is for any member in good standing. Two divisions: Exhibitor Under 19 years of age OR Exhibitor 19 Years and Over.

Here are the rules:

* Exhibitors are required to be ISHA members in good standing.
* Points are based on nominated horse/exhibitor combination in a division
* Categories in the program will be:


1. Halter All Breeds

2. English Performance All Breeds

3. Hunt Seat Performance All Breeds

4. Western Performance All Breeds

5. Miniature Horse Halter

6. Miniature Horse Performance

7. Gaited English Performance All Breeds

8. Gaited Western Performance All Breeds

* Points are calculated as follows: 1st place gets the same number as there are horses in the class. Not to exceed 6 points, because only 6 places are awarded
* You are not required to show in both the ISHA Spring and Fall show to be eligible. (you can earn your points in only one show if you desire)
* All applicable judged classes will be eligible for points in your division (halter/performance)
* Members are able to enter multiple categories. Each entry is an Exhibitor/horse combination. Each category fee is $5
* Prize in each category/division will be awarded at the ISHA Year-End Banquet
* 4-H members are eligible for this competition

English Gaited Performance

19 & Over

Leah Terrell & Stevie Ray Vaughn

(Tennessee Walking Horse)

English Gaited & Western Gaited Performance

Under 19 Riley Eder

Riley Eder & Blue Me Away

(Kentucky Mountain Horse)

English Performance

Over 19 David Matlack

David Matlack & Bel Aire V


Halter Over

19 Courtney Parry

Courtney Parry & One Hot Bentley

(Quarter Horse)

Halter Under

19 Kylee Burnside

Kylee Burnside & Hoosier Daddy

(Pony of the Americas)

Huntseat Performance

19 & Over Mike Rees

Mike Rees & Lyrical Clown


Huntseat Performance

Under 19 Grace Wallisa

Grace Wallisa & Winter Step

(Quarter Horse)

Miniature Horse Performance 19 & Over 

Miniature Horse Halter

19 & over

Mona Ragan & WF I Dig Zig

(Miniature Horse)

Western Gaited Performance

19 & Over Beth Levi

Beth Levi & She's Fancy-Free

(Tennessee Walking Horse)

Western Performance

over 19 Elaina Andrews

Elaina Andrews & FE Vinny Gianni

(Quarter Horse)

Western Performance

Under 19 Allison Slaughter

Allison Slaughter & It's Chips Fault

(Quarter Horse)